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Traditional Spurs
"The art of fine spur making was virtually forgotten for almost half a century. During the past decade there has been a renaissance of this cowboy craft. Fine spur making has reappeared in Texas with makers such as Kevin Burns and Danny Pollard.'' William Manns, American Cowboy Magazine- june 2000." All spurs are custom made in my shop, one pair at a time, by me only, per customers order.Unlike the trend of many other custom spur makers I use no pre-made pieces, no laser cut or pre-cut rowels, clicked out or cast mountings. All mountings are hand cut and hand engraved. Shanks and rowels are saw cut, rowels are then filed by hand to give them a distinctive ring. Heel bands are shaped to your boot width and type. Each pair of spurs are stamped inside the heel bands D. POLLARD and numbered consecutively.

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